Dodge Ski Boot The Best Boot in the World, Period.

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Why You Want Dodge Ski Boots

  • Light Weight – 1600 grams (3.5 pounds) compared to 2300+ grams (5+ pounds) for other boots. Backcountry skiers use Dodge Boots with alpine touring plate bindings for a combination lighter than many dedicated AT systems.
  • Consistent Flex – The flex of Dodge Boots doesn’t change with temperature due to our industry-exclusive Carbon fiber/Composite construction. Other boots get too stiff when it’s cold and too soft when it’s warm.
  • Power/Comfort/Feel – Dodge-exclusive composite materials and design deliver a unique combination of power, comfort and feel not found in other boots. No need to buckle tightly for great performance
  • Two widths – 102mm wide last in addition to our regular 98 mm last
  • Women's model – with higher volume cuff
  • Industry-exclusive Carbon fiber/Composite construction
    • Superior edge control
    • Provides superior damping even on super hard, aggressive snow
    • Provides consistent flex and fit
    • Easier to get into/out of even when it’s really cold
  • Hand-lasted, high performance liner
    • Patented heel track makes it easier to get into/out of
    • Neoprene toe box to stretch for more toe comfort
    • Real wool around the toes for more warmth, even when wet
  • Custom fit – Boot flexes from World Cup racer to intermediate skier; low volume & high volume liners; 2 liner lengths per size; 2 widths; custom punching; and more with our exclusive Factory-Direct fitting program.

Exclusive Factory Direct purchase program, including our Remote Fitting System

Exclusive 30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee – Not happy? Return them for a full refund (less shipping, credit card processing and any fitting fees.)


  • "Dodge Ski Boots made skiing much more enjoyable and at the end of the day I was less tired and sore"

    Art Harris, Waterbury VT
  • "My Dodge boots are quick, consistent and comfortable"

    John Graham, Masters Racer, NH
  • "They are my best boots ever and I am promoting them to all my friends here in Turkey"

    Mehmet Kaptanoglu, Istanbul Turkey
  • "I immediately felt more edge control than ever before"

    Philip Boor, Denver CO
  • "The design and material create the perfect combination to deliver consistent flex and responsiveness whether it’s gates or free skiing"

    Dave Wolff, Masters racer and coach, Waterville Valley NH
  • "Dodge boots are not only the best boots I've ever owned - but the most "hands-on" customer support crew in the ski industry.  Period."

    Art Rothafel, Villa Park, CA
  • "These are highly recommended for anyone who likes to carve perfect turns all day"

    Philip Boor, Denver CO
  • "My ultimate carving tools ........the fabulous Dodge boots"

    Gerald Butters, St. James City, FL
  • "They rocked the Chugach range in Alaska"

    Lloyd Sheiner, Montrea, Canada
  • "The Dodge boot is the best fitting most responsive boot I have tried"

    Charlie Hoag, Masters Racer, Portland, ME
  • "I appreciated the knowledge and expertise you exhibited in fitting the boots and your responsiveness to my concerns"

    Art Harris, Waterbury VT
  • "Once you've ridden a Dodge, you'll never look back"

    Gerald Butters, St. James City, FL
  • "There is no going back!!"

    Charlie Hoag, Masters Racer, Portland, ME
  • "Formula One automobile engineering knows that reducing the un-sprung weight of wheel and suspension increases compliance and grip.  The same physics applies to skiers and to what is attached to their feet"

    Richard Stibolt, Stowe VT
  • "Not only the best performing boot I have ever owned but the most comfortable by far"

    Mark George, Masters racer, Barre, VT
  • "I know Dodge boots have made me a better skier technically and a much faster racer in the gates"

    Mark George, Masters racer, Barre, VT
  • "My Dodge Ski Boots were super rad and speedy tonight. Way to make a killer boot"

    Josh Saxe, Montpelier, VT
  • "Thanks to extraordinary effort from Bill and David who took care of my problem feet"

    Charlie Hoag, Masters Racer, Portland, ME
  • The DODGE team is great to work with and highly responsive to "boot fitting from a distance"

    Bryan Reimer, Masters Racer, Cambridge MA
  • "Your attention to service and dedication to new technologies has been terrific and forward thinking"

    Chuck Thorndike, Masters Racer, Meredith NH
  • "The bottom line – I am having more fun skiing now than ever before thanks to Dodge Ski Boots"

    Chris Vossler, Masters Racer. Hartford CT
  • "They are simply the best performing boot I have ever had"

    Gord Blake, Ski Patrol Director - Kimberly Ski Resort, British Columbia, CAN
  • "The boot is always responsive, no matter the temperature, or snow condition"

    James Knock, Coach, Sheffield, ENGLAND
  • "These boots allow precise feedback to the foot"

    - Richard Stibolt, Stowe VT
  • "They are like a F1 race car with leather seats and air conditioning and lot easier to get in and out of"

    Peter Dodge, World Cup Competitor, Pro Tour Champion, Head Coach Dartmouth Ski Team.
  • "I rate Dodge Ski Boots a ‘10’"

    Todd Renz, Stowe VT
  • "Previous to skiing in this boot, at the end of a day of skiing my knees would be quite sore"

    Paul Brown, PSIA Examiner Stowe VT
  • "The professional hands on approach Bill Doble and Dave Dodge provide for fitting and service made the switch to a Dodge Ski Boot simple and hassle free"

    Leigh Quinn, Masters coach, Waterville Valley NH
  • "Going from a sports car to a race car"

    Jim Nash, Masters racer, Stowe VT
  • "Lateral Stiffness: Wow! I can drive bigger skis, or hold a carve more cleanly with any ski"

    John Schultz, off-piste skier, Moretown VT
  • "All this performance without foot pain is a testament to the detailed fitting process.  For the first time in our ski racing careers, we can now ski hard all day long without any foot pain"

    Jim & Susan Roberts, Masters racers, Beaver Creek, CO

Dodge Ski Boots are based on one simple principle; make the best ski boot possible. Precision. Power. Performance. Comfort. There is no compromise.

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