Chairlift Chats: How do we bring up the level of U.S. Skiing?

Posted on March 22, 2018 by Warner

This week’s chairlift chat is with former U.S. Ski Team athlete and NCAA Champion, Tim Kelley, talking about college skiing and the state of ski racing in America.  Kelley explains how critical foreign athletes are to bring up the level of college skiing and pushing American athletes.

Tim explains that bringing up the level of American skiing comes down to lowering the cost to athletes and increasing accessibility creating a larger pool of athletes.  The three most important things to develop a ski racer, in Tim’s opinion, are love for the sport, running lots of gates, and having lots of fun.

Thanks for watching!


Chairlift Chats: What is Great Storytelling in 2018?

Posted on March 16, 2018 by Warner

Hope all the east coast skiers enjoyed the fresh snow this week!!

This week’s chairlift chat is with Another Brother, a high-end video production house, based in Stockholm, Sweden.

This talk is all about storytelling. In the last 10 years, storytelling has drastically changed as people’s attention spans have significantly shorted.

This chat is all about the vital components of good storytelling and the ability to captivate the audience really feel and want something from your stories.

This is a phenomenal chat and absolutely worth listening watching!


Chairlift Chats: Olympics and Post-Athleteic Motivation with Charles Christianson

Posted on March 7, 2018 by Warner

This week’s Chairlift Chat is with Charles Christianson.   Charles is a former Dodge Ski Boots World Cup ski racer and recent graduate of the Dartmouth Tuck MBA Program.

Charles talks about his 72 hours in PyeongChang to watch the Olympics, his newfound motivation to exercises post-athletic career, and a funny story with Aksel Lund Svindal checking out his ski boots at a World Cup.

Charles is one of our favorite people and always fun to catch up with!


Chairlift Chats: Winning an Olympic Medal with Jonathan Nordbotten

Posted on February 28, 2018 by Warner

This week’s chairlift chat is with Jonathan Nordbotten talking about his Olympics from losing a ski fifteen seconds into his first run of the slalom to winning a bronze medal in the team event.

Nordbotten was the third male skier for Team Norway in the Alpine Team Event and focused his efforts on supporting his team as he most likely would not be competing, which reminded him of his college years at UVM.

Nordbotten also talks about how Norway started taking the team event seriously this summer and jokes about how surprising it is that training makes a difference.

Let’s hope for cold weather and check out this week’s Chairlift Chat!

Chairlift Chats: What does it mean to be an Olympian with Ivica Kostelic

Posted on February 21, 2018 by Warner

This week’s chairlift chat is with Ivica Kostelic about what it means to be an Olympian. Ivica won Olympic medals in 2006 in Torino, 2010 in Vancouver, and 2014 in Sochi. This year he’s in PyeongChang helping the Croatian Team.

Ivica explains that being an Olympian is the biggest thing in sport and how it’s not always about winning, it’s about unity.  It’s about everyone coming together in peace.

Then Ivica discusses his next goal, a 400 km polar expedition across Iceland, in the wilderness with no resupply. The goal is to not touch anything that has to do with civilization for the entire three-week trip. He describes his grueling daily routine and food consumption planning among many other things.

If you like the Olympics and want to learn what a 4-time Olympic Medalist with 59 World Cup Podiums thinks of the Olympics, you don’t want to miss this week’s chairlift chat!



Chairlift Chats: How to set up a powder photo with Oskar Bakke

Posted on February 15, 2018 by Warner

This week’s chairlift chat is with Oskar Bakke, a professional photographer, during a trip to Hakuba, Japan with Warner Nickerson and Jon Olsson. Oskar is most well known for his car photography working with Lexus and Koenigsegg. During Bakke’s late teens he was Jon Olsson’s personal photographer for two years traveling and taking mostly ski photos.

In this chat, Oskar talks about the importance of light and how to set up a good powder photo before the group makes some turns and grabs a snack at the mountain.


Chairlift Chats: What does it take to make a ski boot liner?

Posted on February 7, 2018 by Warner

Today’s Chairlift Chat with Davide Serajotto is all about making the best boot liners in the world.  This chat opens with the history of Montebelluna, Italy and how they became internationally renowned shoe and liner artisans.  Orlando Serajotto, Davide father, started making shoes when he was 15 and is still passionate about the industry and his company 49 years later.

This is a story of family craftsmanship, devotion to detail, and working for passion and joy, which goes hand and hand with us at Dodge Ski Boots.  This is our craft, but building ski boots is our passion.  We want to make skiing more fun; we want to make it more enjoyable and extend people’s capabilities beyond what they were able to do on other equipment.  We love the mountains; we love the wind in our face coming down the mountain whether at Stowe or any other resort in the world and love to do things that just aren’t capable on other equipment.

Check out this episode of Dodge Chairlift Chats to learn what it takes to make a great liner!


Chairlift Chats: Do you want to ski the Sellaronda with a local?

Posted on January 31, 2018 by Warner

Hope your January was full of long, challenging, fun runs.   This chairlift chat is all about spectacular skiing and good times.

It’s with Bill Doble, John Doble, and Christian Monti, the first Italian Dodge Ski Boots customer.  Christian bought his first pair of Dodge Ski Boots in 2011 and has been a huge advocate for our boots ever since.   This is Bill’s first pleasure ski trip in his life and John’s first trip to Europe.  You can immediately see their stoke, excitement, and joy to be skiing the famous Sellaronda, a circular 26 km ski route round the mighty Sella Massif in the beautiful Dolomites.

Christian Monti explains the options for lunch and snacks during an average day skiing in the Dolomites as the trio is deciding where to eat lunch and what authentic Italian or Sud Tirol meal to indulge.

This chat is all about stoke and smiles on the slopes.   Hope you’re finding just as much joy in your skiing!  If you need more stoke in your skiing. we can build you a new pair of custom fit boots that will immediately change your skiing and happiness on the slopes!



Chairlift Chats: Q&A with Jon Olsson on career/life transitions

Posted on January 24, 2018 by Warner

Today’s chairlift chat with Jon Olsson is all about life transitions.  Jon is unbelievably successful at making large life transitions seamless.  He went from a young up and coming ski racer to professional freeskier winning 9 X-Games medals in Big Air, Half-pipe, and Slope Style then transitioned to become one of the best giant slalom skiers in Sweden where he consistently raced Europa Cup and some World Cups.  Then his most recent transition is to daily vlogging on YouTube where he is a huge sensation with over one million subscribers.

The chat was filmed in Jon’s 800 horsepower Rolls Royce, George, driving from Bergen, Norway to Storefjell, Norway during Snow Tour Rally.

Jon explains that his transitions are usually not strategic, but mostly about changing priorities and his ability to focus on whatever he’s really excited about.  Jon also touches on the importance of being insecure about the future, always having multiple doors open, and working hard.

Hope you watch and enjoy.

Chairlift Chats: The making of 2.5 Million with Tyler Wilkinson-Ray

Posted on January 17, 2018 by Warner

Welcome to “Chairlift Chats” You never know who you might catch on a lift ride or what you might talk about.  And of course, hope it’s snowing where you live too and you can get in some hot-laps in today!

This week’s chat with Tyler Wilkinson-Ray is all about passion and filmmaking.  In December, Tyler’s film “2.5 Million” won Powder Magazine’s Best Documentary of the year award.

Tyler talks about making “2.5 Million” chasing Aaron Rice around the world – when Tyler wasn’t working on other projects – to capture Aaron’s journey of breaking the world record for most human-powered feet skied in a calendar year.

As Tyler explains, “There are only a handful of interesting, authentic stories and events that happen in skiing every year.”   Aaron Rice’s journey undoubted falls into that category.

We also discussed how Tyler balances passion projects and commercial work to keep his creative energy and spirit alive.  We put in one of the videos Tyler made for us a few years ago!