Where I'm From:

Crested Butte, Colorado

Where I Like To Ski:

Mostly Crested Butte with occasional visits to Snowmass, Telluride and Steamboat

I've Owned My Dodge Ski Boots For:

3 to 4 years

How Many Pairs I've Owned:


What First Attracted Me To Dodge Ski Boots:

Performance - Technology

What Helped Me Make The Final Decision To Purchase:

Consistent flex - Performance - Technology

What I Like Best About My Dodge Ski Boots:

It is a rock solid boot, consistent flex regardless of outside temperature. They deliver all the power to the ski that you can provide. Surprisingly, for a boot of this level, they are very warm and comfortable. Bill Doble is eager to make the fit right and the new fit app is a great approach to making that process even simpler.

What I Like Least About My Dodge Ski Boots:

All the screws need some loc-tite or similar on them. I have to tighten them frequently, have even lost some during a ski day if I hadn't checked them in several days. Soles are a bit slippery for walking but then I haven't had a pair of boots in the past 20 years that haven't been slippery. Perhaps more of a rubber AT style sole would work better?

What About The Boot I Would Recommend To A Friend:

Performance - Custom Fitting - Customer Service - Satisfaction Guarantee

What I Would Tell Someone Considering A Purchase Of Dodge Ski Boots:

Great boot, I don't think you could go wrong getting a pair. 30 day back satisfaction guarantee is not available on any other boot that I am aware of! What do you have to lose?

If I could define Dodge in one word:


What I Like About The Dodge Remote Fitting System:

Easy to use - Provides a true custom fit

How It Is To Deal With People At Dodge Ski Boots:

Great, I love them!

What It's Like To Ski In A Dodge Ski Boot:

Unbelievably great!

How It's Different Than A "Rubber" Boot:

Solid under foot, consistent performance under all temperature conditions

Would I Purchase Another Pair?:


Why/Why Not?:

Offers everything I want in a boot.

Precision Rating:

Power Rating:

Feel Rating:

Comfort Rating:

Warmth Rating:

Appearance Rating:

Quality Rating:

Durability Rating:

Fit Rating:

Pricing Value:

Skiing Enjoyment:

Overall Rating: