Quick update today, as I need to head out to the DODGE Ski Boots shop to get back to work making cuffs.

Yesterday, Dave & I went up to Stowe to do a check up on Masters racer Carolyn Beckedorff’s DODGE Ski Boots.  We met Carolyn and husband Tony DiGangi at the newly (and beautifully) completed Mount Mansfield Ski Club Clubhouse.  My gosh it’s fabulous!

Everything checked out well and we had a nice chat with Carolyn.  In the small world department, it turns out she and Tony coached Warner Nickerson when he was a kid at Gunstock.

Dave & I took four or five runs on Big Spruce, where the snow was good and the people few. I really like that hill, and now with the fast lift, it’s a great way to crank out a lot of turns in a short time.  I felt like garbage my first run and took the easy way out by blaming my skis, but after a couple of runs I was feeling liike I was skiing decently.  Guess it was the pilot not the plane!

Back at the shop by 12:15 and heated up the press to make 255 cuff parts. Got a couple dozen made by the time Chris and Tom Steinke dropped by on their way to the Sugarbush FIS races.  Good to see them.  It’s also nice when we have racers visit the shop `cause Bonnie makes cookies for them and if I’m lucky I can grab one or two.  Hahaha!

This morning I plowed the 4 or 5 ” of snow that fell on my way down to get the paper, and see now that it’s snowing again.  Yeah, bring it on!

Back out to the shop to make parts this morning, so Dave can cut them on the laser this afternoon.

Bonnie’s brother gave us his tickets to the UVM versus Boston University hockey game tonight. Sucks to BU!

Off to work.


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