012 Dartmouth College coach PETER DODGE has been on the new 2014-15 Dodge carbon fiber ski boot since January last year.

Knowing that a coach’s boot is subject to pretty rugged use (abuse), we gave him the first test pair with specific instructions to “beat the s**t out of them”.

And he tried.  And tried.

Peter’s boots have over 90 days of use, skiing, standing on the hill, walking over hill and dale, and beating the snow off them with a coach’s drill.  And, as you can see, they look great!

We installed one of this year’s new liners (Peter says it’s a much better fit and feel); did a slight punch for his styloid; instlled new sole plates ;and put on some of this year’s new logo stickers.  Other than that, nothing.



So, if you have any concerns about the durability of the new Dodge carbon fiber ski boot, talk to Peter Dodge.