Dave & I have been busting our chops making DODGE carbon fiber ski boots to send out to our authorized boot fitters so all of you who are looking for them will have them in time for early snows. (Sounds like last week’s post, huh?  Well we continued to work hard!)  Got almost everything out with just a few to send out on Monday.  Yeah!

About 3 or 4 weeks ago Bonnie declared she was going to see our son John who is living in Charleston, SC.  He came home in early August for a weekend right before I went to New Zealand, but we haven’t seen him since and missed him.  I wasn’t about to miss out on the trip even though it’s right in the busy time of making boots.

So, here i am sitting on John’s “piazza” (porch) in the most beautiful historic section of Charleston, enjoying my coffee.  Temps in the low 70s, sun, breeze, you name it.  Wow! really different from what I left in Essex on Thursday morning.

We are having a super time seeing John and having him show off his adopted city.  It is incredible.  Such history and beauty unlike any city I’ve visited before.  Took a horse-drawn carriage ride yesterday and saw many sights, but just walking from John’s apartment to anywhere is like walking through time.  He lives South Of Broad making him an SOB, versus Something North of Broad (which makes you a SNOB).  The architecture is fabulous and the historic requirements mean that every repair, paint job, etc must be in keeping with the proper historic period of the building.  Wonderful!

John made a fabulous shrimp scampi dinner last night and we were joined by cousins Stephen, Heather and Frankie Wissman, who have been terrific to John.  Great to see them and we’re already plotting to have them house sit next summer.

More sightseeing today and will update.

But in the meantime, business at DODGE Ski Boots keeps going.  Dave has been holding down the fort, making boots and meeting with more racers who have come to the shop to purchase their 2010-2011 DODGE boots.  We still have lots of boots to make in the next few weeks before we head to Colorado for the Thanksgiving training camps and Beaver Creek races.

I’ll be on a plane tomorrow back to Burlington, but hope to be able to catch the Soelden races on live timing before I board the plane.  Go Warner.



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