What a terrific day at Burke today.

No, not the racing, but being with some dedicated Alpine racers and renewing some long time acquaintances.

Dave & I drove back over this morning at 7:15 AM so we could put a new cuff on Warner Nickerson’s Dodge Ski Boot.  Warner is a really great guy who  just loves to ski.  He graduated from Colby College a few years ago and set his sites on being the best ski racer he could be.  He came really close to making the US Olympic team for GS this year but had a bad break at Kranjska Gora and was likely just next in line.  But as good a ski racer he is, he’s an even nicer guy.  We’re proud and happy to have him skiing on the boot.

We had lots of good interest from other racers (who must remain nameless) from a few who tried the boots on and said they’d ski on them if they weren’t under contract to other companies, to others who skied on them and gave us really positive feedback.

A good number of coaches also were really positive in their assessments of the boot.

So, we’re very encouraged just from Burke.

Beyond that, we were able to see some people who literally helped define ski racing in the United States as it is today.  Where to start?

Hermann Gollner was my coach at Stratton.  37 years later I have the utmost respect and appreciation for him.  I was delighted to see him at Burke and looking forward to seeing him in a couple of weeks when Dave & I are out West at the Sugar Bowl in the Tahoe area.  Did you know Hermann is the guy who made modern slalom possible with the screw in gate?

Also saw Fritz Vallant, who I’ve known since he first arrived at Stratton.  Fritz has a resume that is truly exceptional and is also a terrific guy.

Martha Coughlin looks fabulous and is as full of fire as ever.  Every ski racer who has ever attended a ski academy owes a big debt of gratitude to her. Read the history of Burke Mountain Academy to see why.

Speaking of which, we had a nice chat with Warren Witherell.

And many others too numerous to name, (like Mo, Scott Daigle, Lori Woodworth Ford, Finn Gundersen, etc.)

Hope the weather permits the races at Waterville to be held.

Otherwise, see the guys at Sugarbush, Lake Placid and Cochran’s.


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