Last week I was on the road and blabbing (especially when in airports), so I figured a few days off would be a welcome relief for long-time readers.

But, I can only be quiet for so long.

After all, it’s my job to talk about DODGE carbon fiber ski boots, right?  And, if I don’t blab, then it don’t get into the Google searches and you all forget about us.  (Or, at least that’s what I’m told.)

So, here I am.  And, getting ready for a road trip.  But this time it’s personal.   Bonnie & I are driving down to see John in Charleston, SC.  Should be exciting as it’s the longest road trip we’ve taken together in our 32 years of marriage!

Before I go, it’s kinda good to recap some of the the events for DODGE Ski Boots this week:

–  Colby Lane kicked ass at the Whistler Cup GS.

– We had some really, really good test results at Mt. Bachelor.

– We’ve found a new “secret” trick for the boots that’ll be on racers’ feet for next year to make them even faster, smoother and better.

– Our new portable boot punch (available for shops and for teams) is killer. Contact me for more info.

– We have a great summer camp purchase program lined up.  Anyone interested needs to contact me right away as supplies are limited.

– We will be in Tahoe and Mammoth in May.  Contact me to reserve a pair to try.

Gotta finish making dinner.

Kick ass and go fast.



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