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You never know who you might catch on a lift ride or what you might talk about.

This week’s chairlift chat with Kieffer Christianson is mainly about the importance of being honest when you have a concussion.

Trying to perform as an athlete after a concussion is not only taking a massive risk of sustaining a significant head injury leaving you in a dark, quiet room for months, there is almost zero chance you will have a good result.

Christianson retired from ski racing at the end of last season after sustaining too many concussions. When he was getting symptoms from hitting GS gates with his head, it became clear it was time to hang up his race skis.

The chat also touches on Kieffer’s new role as Alyeska Ski Club U16 Coach and some of his career highlight.

If you’re a parent, coach, or athlete, please take the time to watch this episode of Chairlift Chats!