Glad to have CHARLES CHRISTIANSON back on snow after taking a well-deserved break over Christmas.  It seems to have worked as he came back and smoked the field at the Eldora, CO FIS Giant Slalom, winning by 3/10ths.  Nice job Charles.  Newcomer NICK VETH skied from a 57th starting position to 41st.

Squaw Valley’s ADDISON DVORACEK, who’s a first-year J2, had another strong GS day at Snow King in Wyoming.  Addison skied from the 77th starting position to a 16th place, 61.69 FIS point finish on his DODGE Ski Boots.  That’s the way to go Addison!

Sugar Bowl Academy racers had another field day at the same race.

FINLAY NEESON skied to 3rd and another career-best result with 40.26 FIS points.  Hey Fin, that’s gonna look really nice on the next FIS Point List and should jump you up quite a bit on the rankings.

DEVIN DAVIS skied to a strong 58.04 FIS point result.  TY SPROCK crashed hard through a gate in the first run, but looks to be okay and ready for slalom action today.

Congratulations to SBA coaches Guenther Birgmann, Devin Gill, Jeff Kai, Sarah Gley and Pete Sprock on the great job you’re doing.

I went to Stowe this  morning for early load.  It was quite a bit warmer up high than in the valley, but the snow was nice.  Brought out the GS boards for the first time this season.  Had a nice warm-up run on North Slope then headed over to Nose Dive for the second run.  Right at the very top I went to slide my skis a little to control speed in the first couple of turns, but I guess my tune on the skiis is too aggressive and the tail hooked up HARD.  I was already back (to slide the tails) and I tweaked my knee, high-sided and became friends with a snowmaking stanchion.  After digging myself out, I skied to the bottom, figured I wouldn’t push things, changed and drove home.  Advil & ice right now and hopefully all will be better soon.  Darn!

Hope Dave is enjoying himself.




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