004We have a lot of people asking about Dodge carbon fiber ski boots for AT (alpine touring) use.  And, we already have a lot of people who are enjoying their Dodge Boots off-piste.

While the Dodge currently cannot be retrofitted with AT tech fittings, you should seriously consider it for your AT setup.

The Dodge, in racing form with a full race liner weighs only 1732 grams, already considerably light than most dedicated AT boots.  But, if that’s not light enough for you, consider using an EVA liner (such as offered by Intuition).  The weight can then come down to 1588 grams per boot (26.5 size).

Now, use a binding setup such as the Fritschi/Diamir which weighs in at 790 grams and you have a boot/binding weight of 2378 grams.

Compare that to popular dedicated AT boots which weigh about 2000 grams and AT bindings which weigh about 470 grams.  Guess what?  The AT boot binding combo tips the scales at 2470 grams, nearly 100 grams more than the Dodge!

And, the dedicated AT boot/binding setup doesn’t offer the safety or the downhill performance of the Dodge setup.

Worth considering, isn’t it?