We love getting photos from members of the #DodgeBootFamily. Most are great skiing shots with proud Dodge Ski Boot users. But, long-time #DodgeBootFamily member JEFF CRAIG takes the prize for the most unique photos of his Dodge Ski Boots.

Seems like Jeff took advantage of a ski trip to Zermatt Switzerland to tie the knot with partner Kathy.

We’ll let Jeff explain:

“Hi Bill

Kathy and I just arrived home from Zermatt where we were married high on the hill in the Riffelalp chapel (no heating). The reason for this email is how were dressed for the ceremony! As you can see in the pictures we were in our ski clothing and boots. Obviously I was wearing my Dodge boots!
I thought you would appreciate the pictures.”

Thanks Jeff. Congratulations!

Great photos. Now we have to have Kathy join the Dodge Boot family, too!!