Yesterday it was cooler and I was a helluva lot more comfortable and friendlier!

Sent a bunch of boots out to Mt. Hood where they’ll be available for demos all during the month of June.  If you want to try them, please contact us so we can connect you with Harald Harb or Jim Schaffner to arrange things.

Got a new platen for the boot molding press.  Dave rigged it up and we ran some tests yesterday.  It makes things easier and is a welcome addition.

Also made some boot fitting tools yesterday so people with low volume feet can get the highest performance from their DODGE Ski Boots. We did some test fitting with Tim Kelley and we’re really pleased with how they’re working and the possibilities.  No one else has a system anything like this, and, frankly, it’s brilliant in its simplicity.  Look for it in DODGE authorized boot fitting centers in late summer.

Another busy day today as we have a visit from a talented electrical engineering student who’s been working on a built-in boot heating system for us.  We’re going to take a look at his progress today.  Probably be doing some tests in Soouth America at the end of summer.

Also getting boots ready for some other racers headed to Mt. Hood who will be coming by tomorrow for fitting.

Gosh, I love what I do!!!!

Off to work.


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