Okay, for you faithful followers (and I thank you), this will be a lot of repeat.  But I figured it would be good to put together a recap of the DODGE Ski Boots Great Road Trip 2010.  So here goes.

Left the driveway at 7:58 AM on Monday November 15th with 77809 miles on the clock.  Went to FedEx to drop off a shipment of demo boots for Jim Schaffner, then went to Dave’s.

Left there at 8:42 AM and we were on our way.  Drizzly weather in Vermont, but no issues.

Reached NY State Thruway in Fultonville before noon. Gas and crap McDonald’s. Dave jumped into the driver’s seat and westward bound we were.

Made it through Buffalo before rush hour (thank goodness) and headed toward Erie PA.  I hadn’t been there since my Rossignol days and didn’t miss that drive a single bit!

I would like to say thanks to Missy, Ellen, Steve, Rich and Hank for keeping tabs on us through the trip and keeping us pumped up with there comments.  We enjoy them.


Gas in Erie, driver switch and onward to Ohio.

Made it thru Cleveland, ate at an Applebees’ west of Cleveland and decided “What the heck, let’s keep going.”  Made it to Toledo and spent the night in a Holiday Inn.

Up at 6 AM, on road by 6:42 AM and going strong. (Did I mention we gassed up again?) Made really good time. Did the first 150 miles in one hour! (C’mon, someone’s gotta respond to this!)

Gary, Indiana.  Des Moines, Iowa.  Omaha, Nebraska.  A couple of big rivers (Mississippi, Missouri). Chat with the Nebraska Highway Patrol. No ticket. Night in North Platte, Nebraska at Hampton Inn.  Meal at another Applebees’.


Phone woke up at 5 AM, but slept in `til 6 AM. Complimentary breakfast in lobby.  Met Andy from RaceStock Sports in gas station on his way to Jackson.  Wild huh?

Westward `ho. (again)

Made good time again.  This time did the first 163 miles in one hour.  I am fast!

Made it through Denver without any problem, and up to Dumont before 10 AM. Noon at Harald’s place so we went up to Loveland. Called the DODGE Ski Boots gang (Warner, Max, Charles, Ace, Meg, Sabrina) to let them know we were in town.  Saw Kirk Dwyer and Guenther Birgmann.  Then it was time to ski!

Dug through everything in the car and got dressed. Then took half a dozen runs.  Nice!

When we were done, Randi at Wildernest was nice enough to set us up so we could check into the condo 2 days early.  Then it was off to Dillon.

Loveland Pass was closed when we arrived, but opened while we were skiing.  I had never been over it so, of course we had to go over the pass rather than through the tunnel.  WOW!  It was spectacular.  Lots of people up there to ski the back country.

Drove into Dillon, got situated with the condo, went to the store and just about to eat some burgers!

2000 miles and 6 runs in 52 hours.  Not bad. And this is only the beginning.

Will update more thorughout the next few weeks.


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