The past week was crazy with dozens of DODGE carbon fiber ski boots headed out the door to (hopefully soon-to-be) whiter pastures, with boots going to DODGE-authorized bootfitters and consumers.

Eric Larson and the gang at The Race Room at Sport Thoma in Lincoln, NH have their initial order.  Harald Harb, Diana Roger and Chris Brown at Harb Ski Systems in Dumont, CO have their initial order.  Boots for Jay Peterson of Skier Synergy in Portland, OR and Corty Lawrence of Footloose Sports in Mammoth, CA will arrive in the next day or so.  And, Billy Kaplan of Performance Pedorthics in Churchville, PA picked his boots up the week before.  John Grush of First Trax in West Dover, VT has already been moving boots (using his personal boots as display models) and he hasn’t even picked his order up yet!


Charles Christianson came by the shop for a little “tweaking” last week.  Dave Wolff brought his boots for a check-up and brought Waterville Valley Masters coach Leigh Quinn with him, who purchased his own DODGE boots.  And, Martin Novack of Montreal was here yesterday to get fitted for boots that are going to be calling Mont Tremblant home.

This week is going to be even busier as we finish up with the size 28.5 boots and ship out the new DODGE heated-ball boot punch, as well as having quite a few more shop visits.

Busy, busy.

So, I guess I better get some work done around the house (such as closing the pool) while I have the chance, huh?



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