DODGE Ski Boot racer Charles Christianson came to the shop yesterday to have a couple of boot punches made and have us do a little check up on his boots.

It’s always a pleasure to see Charles and the time goes pretty quickly.  Granted, he raced up from Washington DC, saw a friend in NY, came here, was on his way to Wolcott then headed to Boston, so it was hardly leisurely. So, I think his car didn’t quite cool off in the time it took to have a sandwich, punch his boots and do a little secret adjustment to his boots.

I love to work on Charles’ boots.  He has probably 15 or 20 days on this pair and they look brand new.  And, the pair of black-cuff boots he skied on all last year also look great.  Nice to see someone who really takes care of his equipment.

Charles is off to Vail this weekend where he’ll be living and doing his early season training.  Sounds like it’s a good continuation of the set-up he had this summer.  He says he knee feels good and he’s raring to go.

Oh, and the “Fish Tales?”

Well, as soon as he got out of the car, Charles asked “Do you have any space in your freezer so I can keep some halibut frozen?”

What the heck?  First it’s Warner with socks and splinters.  Now it’s Charles with fish.  What’s next?

`Til later.


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