John Doble, SLU grad 2010

John N Doble, SLU grad 2010

I’m a proud dad.  My son John graduated from St. Lawrence University on Sunday with a B.S. in Mathematics and joins his sister Ellen (`07) as a SLU alum.  I am really impressed with St. Lawrence, not only with the school itself, but, perhaps more so, with its incredible alumni network.  As a UVM alum, I haven’t experienced the tremendous camaraderie I see with SLU grads.  John heads off this week to Charleston, SC to look for an entry-level sales position.  Anyone have any leads?  (I have to ask, right?)

At DODGE Ski Boots, we’ve been assembling summer test boots, making new molds and production fixtures and fine-tuning refinements for next season’s boots.  After a long wait for some pieces needed for our press, we finally have it and should be able to test our newest molds and make some 245 parts.  We’ll have the boots ready for June camps at Mt. Hood.

Speaking of Mt. Hood, Harald Harb and Jim Schaffner will be there with demo boots and will taking orders for boots to be shipped in September.  Contact us or them for more information and to arrange a time to try the boots.  If you’re going to the camps and want a test pair on a long-term basis, contact us about our summer lease program.

It’s looking like another fabulous day.  I’ll have to open the overhead door so we can get lots of fresh air and sunshine in the shop today.  It also makes the view of Mt. Mansfield that much more spectacular.  I’ll post a photo later.

Now it’s off to work.

Take care.


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