Dang it was hot today.  In more ways than one, too.

6:30 PM and it's hot!

First was the most obvious … the air temperature.  As I’m writing this (6:30 PM) it’s still 82 degrees in the shade. Too much for me at this time of year.  Worse still is our pool is having the liner replaced today, so it’s empty.  But, in a couple of days we’ll have it back.  (Wait a sec.  What am I complaining about? I’ve never opened it before Memorial Day so … Bill, qwitchyer bitchin!!)

Next hot stuff today was a GREAT visit from Warner Nickerson.  Long-time readers know how highly I think of him.  And, you know what?  Every time I see him I hold him in higher esteem.  Anyway.  We had a terrific few hours with him talking about the DODGE carbon fiber Ski Boot; his plans for next year; and more.  We’re working on some good things and will update you as we can.

Then, PJ Dewey came by to pick up some boots for an up-and-coming young racer from Quebec.  Goin’ for the “Warner” flex.  Welcome to DODGE city Chris!

Dave & I looked over our inventory of boots and, thinking about the boots that are shipping out in the next few days … some people are gonna be without boots on their feet!  Here’s the deal.  If  you want to think you want DODGE Ski Boots and want to make sure you’ve got them, better order now.  `Cause when we’re done makin’ them for the year, we’re done!  We’re sending boots to Mt. Hood.  I know there will be a shortage there, so if you think you want to try them in June, please contact me so we can reserve a pair for you .

Well, I ramble on too much.

Gotta make some dinner so I have strength for making boots tomorrow.

Chill out!


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