Dodge BC 6.28 D1bWe can’t resist sharing these screen shots from the upcoming T-Bar Films video featuring Dodge carbon fiber ski boots in the Vermont backcountry.

We thought it sounded pretty good when Tyler Wilkinson-Ray told us about the shooting sessions last winter.  But now, looking at the shots, we realize his description was a major understatement.

And, David Dodge couldn’t be a better featured skier!  Folks, he kicks it … hard!

Here you get a good look at David’s set-up:  DODGE carbon fiber ski boots with Fritschi Diamir Pro bindings.  Total weight per boot/binding is about 2700 grams compared to a dedicated AT set of of at least 2400 grams.  That’s only about as much as a glass of water. And, he has superior downhill performance combined with alpine binding safety.  Anyone considering skiing back or side country should take a close look.