009aMasters racer CHUCK THORNDIKE came to the Dodge Ski Boot headquarters today for yet another pair of DODGE carbon fiber ski boots.

Long-time readers will remember that Chuck was one of our first customers way back when we started.  He’s been a fan and a great supporter, and more than that, he’s a lot of fun to be around.

We told Chuck about the new 2014-15 boot, he said “Count me in,” and scheduled a fitting appointment.

When he saw the boot in person, he couldn’t wait to put it on.  It slipped on like a familiar friend and the smile on Chuck’s face told it all.  He was instantly comfortable and after wearing them for awhile said he didn’t need any punches.  We check alignment and then spent some time swapping lies!

We tuned up his “old” boots which, after 2 seasons still look great, and sent him on his way.

Look for him on the hill this week.  He’ll be the guy with the shiny new DODGE Boots and a big smile on his face!