There must be something about Dodge carbon fiber ski boots that appeals to neurosurgeons.  Today we had our second neurosurgeon in 2 weeks visit our factory store for a fitting!

IMG_0050Tarek Radwan, who practices in Nasdhua, NH, came for a fitting and left with a pair of new DODGE Ski Boots. As he was leaving, a friend texted him to point out that he was the second neurosurgeon in 2 weeks to buy a pair of Dodge Boots.

So what is it about the boots?

Is it the precision?  The power?  The comfort?  The fact that Dodge Boots have the same consistent flex no matter the temperature?

Or is it all of those things?

Find out for yourself by visiting us for a fitting. Or, use our Remote Fitting System to see how we can fit you for a pair of Dodge Boots, the world’s high performance carbon fiber ski boot.

And, when you see Tarek on the hill at Waterville Valley this winter, be sure to compliment him on his boots!