This is a chat with Johan about his experience with Dodge Boots and how he literally threw out all of his old boots.  A funny story not included in the Player Profile is that when we shipped Johan his boots to Austria he got a large VAT fee.  In his brilliance, he made a return claim with the Austria Authorities and shipped “returned” us an old pair of Noridca’s so he wouldn’t have to pay the expensive VAT fees.   Haha, it was the funniest thing when an old pair of his race boots arrived to VT. Priceless. 


:00 Introducing Johan
:33 I throw all my old boot away
:54 Why do you love them? 
1:45 What did you use before? 
2:34 What do you hate about them? 
3:50 I was not too open minded then..
4:14 Life experience helps your skiing
4:55 How much you can improve by changing gear

Yours in Skiing, 
-The Dodge Boot Family