OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIt is always a pleasure to meet DODGE Ski Boot customers.  But it’s even better to get a chance to ski with them!

Dave and I were fortunate to spend time with the Spanos family in Vail last week.

Richard Spanos is dedicated to finding what works best, always tweaking and gathering data with ski and boot set-ups. Three years ago, he saw the benefits of our carbon fiber ski boot technology and determined the DODGE Ski Boot was the way to go for his children Zoe and Billy.  Since then, Richard has kept Zoe and Billy in the newest DODGE boots and even purchased our heated-ball boot punch kit so he could do any fitting that was needed.

Zoe and Billy are very aware of how little differences in boot set-ups can affect their skiing and, with Richard’s training, are building a great database of knowledge that allows them to get the most from their equipment.

We appreciate the chance to learn from customers/friends like the Spanos family and even more, we are really grateful for their hospitality while we visited with them last week.


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