• http://znl.me/PMV3UK Gosh it's nice in NZ #
  • Good day at Coronet. Hard snow. Sun. Nice temp. Getting good data for use with racers. #
  • http://znl.me/PGSJLO View of training and racing hill at Coronet Peak, New Zealand. US, Canadian, German teams all here. Nice snow. #
  • http://znl.me/PPOYPR What an incredible introduction to New Zealand. View from hosts James and Kim Lazor's B&B in Queenstown. Unreal! #
  • Sitting in LAX waiting for flight to New Zealand. Can hardly wait to get on plane and sleep. #
  • Trip to NZ has started. Waiting in Chicago for flight to LA, then wait around for flight to Auckland. Gonna be a loOooong day! #

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