• The DODGE Ski Boots crew seems to have gotten carried away their last night in New Zealand. The aftermath wasn't… http://t.co/gog1XUy #
  • Bags packed and ready to go. Sittin' around with thumbs in ears. And, of course it's a blue-bird day at the… http://t.co/lBs0lFE #
  • The old dogs wanted to have their say, so we let 'em. http://t.co/nu3498r #
  • Video interview with Jan Breznik's DODGE Ski Boot. http://t.co/O7Wrczq #
  • Jan Breznik of Slovenia is the newest racer to join the DODGE Ski Boots team. Here he is with Dave Dodge, coach… http://t.co/XI2ublF #
  • DODGE Ski Boots racer Warner Nickerson once again captains the New Zealand car jumping activities in Queenstown…. http://t.co/idQ9iK0 #
  • Late morning session today with Russian women. Slovenian juniors really liking the boots. Get well Warner. #
  • DODGE Ski Boots racer Warner Nickerson and Bill Doble bask in the glow of Warner's ANC GS victory on August 22,… http://t.co/E4i6Kcf #
  • Bill Doble, Dave Dodge & Warner Nickerson enjoy a little sun at the top of Coronet Peak, NZ. http://t.co/0WMAS3y #
  • Kenny Wilson's DODGE Ski Boots getting ready to rip it at the ANC Slalom at Coronet Peak, NZ. http://t.co/QdP7W1w #
  • Exclusive video interview with Warner Nickerson's DODGE Ski Boot. http://t.co/S6nuobV #
  • Video update from Coronet Peak, NZ – Dodge Ski Boots http://t.co/EYGSfbH #
  • Late lunch in Queenstown after a good morning on the mountain. Kenny Wilson is really getting pumped about his… http://t.co/ApQ3J46 #
  • Dave & Bill’s great New Zealand adventure – Dodge Ski Boots http://t.co/rN9HIhX #
  • DODGE Ski Boots like New Zealand. And New Zealand likes DODGE Ski Boots. Right Warner? #
  • Pat Biggs. ANC GS, Coronet Peak, NZ. 2nd run. 8-22-2011. Think he's getting used to the DODGE carbon fiber ski… http://t.co/cockyjF #
  • Warner Nickerson. 2nd run, 8-22-2011 ANC GS at Coronet Peak, NZ. Result? Victory and 6.96 points. Way to go Warner. http://t.co/dvynrgT #
  • Warner Nickerson. Winning first run of 8-22-2011 ANC GS at Coronet Peak, NZ. And Warner said he wasn't happy with… http://t.co/mPkAIfi #
  • Pat Biggs on only his 2nd day on DODGE Ski Boots. First run at ANC GS, Coronet Peak, NZ, 8-22-2011. http://t.co/muX1DXy #
  • Warner Nickerson crushes the first run of the ANC GS at Coronet Peak, August 22, 2011, on his DODGE Ski Boots…. http://t.co/4mnroBN #
  • Warner Nickerson wins ANC GS at Coronet Peak on his DODGE Ski Boots. Pat Biggs on first day on boots get 32nd. More to come. #

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