Wow!  There is no word to describe how incredible New Zealand is.  The landscape is beyond belief and almost overwhelming.  I have always been fascinated by photos of New Zealand, but never dreamed I would actually see it with my own eyes. I can only imagine being here long enough to tour the whole country and really absorb the sights, sounds, smells and culture.

I am staying with a wonderful family in Queenstown.  James and Kim Lazor moved here about 4 years ago from the Washington DC area, where both worked for the government.  They had fallen in love with New Zealand when they were first married and made a fantastic decison to move here and raise their family.  They are the proud owners of a bed and breakfast called The Turret.  It is a beautiful home with 3 guest rooms and the most wonderful view in the world.  It is located on the shore of Lake Hayes (right outside Queenstown) and on the main road between Queenstown and Wanaka.  But what is so spectacular is the view right across the lake to Coronet Peak.  Wow! I’d show you a photo but today is raining and, while it is still fabulous, a photo wouldn’t do it justice.  I’ll post a photo when the weather is better.

Anyway, James and Kim are the friendliest and most gracious hosts one could ever imagine.  They welcomed me into their home and have made my trip so much easier than I deserve.  Their daughters (six year old Sophia and 4 year old Kira) are cute and terrific.  No, I’m not enjoying myself at all (NOT!)

But, I have been working, getting a lot done (due to James and Kim making everything a lot easier).

Yesterday I was up on the mountain where a pair of our newest 2010-11 boots made their first appearance on the snow.  Can’t say who is on them, but it’s an impressive name and very credible tester.  First reaction was very positive and looking forward to more testing tomorrow (today is a day off).

Worked on Warner’s boots last night to punch some pressure points he had on the ankle and to set up a pair of the `10-11 boots for him to test today.  He’ll be up there this afternoon so we can do some side-by-side tests and see how the new ones stack up.  I’m liking what I’m seeing so far.

Punching the boots has been fun.  We developed a new, portable boot press that is awesome!  It weighs only 10 pounds and works like a charm.  I’m not sure I want to show anyone, `cause every tech will want to steal it!  I’ve made some punches that rival any I’ve done in the shop.  That’s a big advantage when you’re on the road.

Well, gotta get back to the boots.  More updates later after some on snow.

Stay dry.


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