I’m feeling like one of Santa’s elves, in the workshop making DODGE carbon fiber ski boots for (good?) little boys and girls. Dave & I are still working feverishly trying to catch up, after our Colorado trip. The good news is we have more orders than boots! Only solution is to keep at it.

Today is full-speed, as tomorrow we’ll be visited by Canadian junior racer Chris Steinke and dad Tom, followed by Warner Nickerson, who just got back last night from Europe. Ellen is home and getting ready for their visits, making Christmas cookies.  Lucky guys.

Had a great visit from Duffy Dodge yesterday when he came over from St. J to pick up his new DODGE Ski Boots.  At 84 years young, Duffy is still searching for valuable seconds on the Masters circuit and thinks this year’s boot is going to be a big advantage.  Duffy also declared he wants more photos of DODGE Ski Boot Masters racers in the blog, so send `em in folks!

Have you checked out Charles Christianson’s latest video blog entry?  It’s great.

Congrats again Charles on your Nor-Am podium.

Looking forward to seeing more of you at the races.

But, for now, it’s time to make the boots.


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