Dave & I got off the plane in Burlington at 4 PM Sunday, John picked us up, dropped off Dave at his house, made it back to Essex and then had the very best homemade pasta and sauce ever made, courtesy of John.  Enjoyed a nice gathering with Bonnie, Ellen & John and debrief of my week.

Yesterday was spent taking care of PITA stuff (you know, pain in the ***).  But Dave was able to do the drawings for the revised boot last we’ll be using next year.  Feeling good about it, as it has a little less forward lean, very slightly narrower forefoot, and a little relief in the lateral mid-foot area to allow for tuberosity of the 5th metatarsal, the “styloid process”.

And, the buzz for the DODGE Ski Boot is growing!

I’ve been getting quite a few emails and web inquiries about the boot, not only from racers, but from shops and even one from a National team coach.  And, getting more and more inquiries from Canada and Europe.

I’ll have a recap of the “C-to-C 1200 Trip” soon, but I want to acknowledge some people who helped make it very successful and fulfilling.

Thanks to:

Jim Schaffner of Starthaus in Truckee, CA for arranging a great test day at Sugar Bowl.  We had a good number of coaches and racers see and test the boot in a variety of conditions with super enthusiasm.  A special nod to Aaron Atkins of Sugar Bowl Ski Team.  And, while he wasn’t there last Sunday, my continued thanks and appreciation to Hermann Gollner.

Chad Hedlund (ex of Killington Mountain School and now racing for Sierra Nevada College) for his tests at Northstar-at-Tahoe.

Jesse Hunt (Head Coach, Park City Ski Team) for taking time out of a busy day to try the boot and give us some positive feedback.

Rob Clayton (Head of Winter Sports School at Park City) for the hospitality and much more.

Jean-Francois Lanvers (http://go-11.blogspot.com)for the sage counsel and driving directions.

Greg Hoffman (Skibootfitting.com) whose crew does such a fine job of bootfitting for Vail Sports.

Dave Dodge. my friend and business partner

Aldo Radamus (Executive Director, Ski & Snowboard Club Vail) for the incredible reception, hospitality and testing (and the toque); Dan Stripp for the testing, and; Sarah McNealus Radamus for the laughs about old days!

Harald Harb (Harb Ski Systems) for some great skiing and super testing at Loveland Basin.

And, Dave Dodge.

Now it’s back to working on boot stuff.

Stay dry.


  1. The most stable edge feel, strength and power, I have ever experienced in the history of my skiing. It makes a your GS skis turn like slaloms. I’ll have video in the next few days.
    The future of ski racing is here, if you are not on this boot next season, you are giving your competition 2 seconds. I’d like to be the first and only coach to have my athletes on this product.

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