How sweet it is!

Warner Nickerson raced to victory again on DODGE carbon fiber ski boots  and got himself another super 6 FIS point finish in the September 3rd Australia New Zealand Giant Slalom held at Coronet Peak New Zealand.  This puts Warner 31st in the World rankings and solidly 2nd in the U.S. rankings.  Way to go Warner!

Sounds like weather conditions were pretty bad, but Warner took advantage of a good start position, crushed the field by a second in the first run, then locked it up in the second run and finished with a 0.66 second advantage.  That’s how you score minimum points!

DODGE Ski Boots were also on the feet of some other good finishers.

“Bob” (you remember, the racer who must remain nameless) had another strong finish on his DODGE boots, even when hit by the weather devils.  Way to go “Bob”.

Max had a strong 8th place first run finish, slipped a little in the second run and salvaged a Top 20.

On another continent, Peter Dodge reports from Chile that it finally snowed there and is looking like winter.  He’s enjoying his new DODGE boots and finds they are really comfortable for coaching, then able to kick *ss when he wants to run courses.  Maybe the DODGE will replace all those Alpine Touring boots that so many coaches are using.

Dave & I will be at PJ’s tomorrow.  Please come and see us.  Make sure you get your order placed early for your DODGE boots.

If you’re near the ocean, be careful of Earl.


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