First stop was “Burger Barn” in Jeffersonville for a “Samuel de Champlain” burger.  This isn’t any crappy Mcburger.  It’s a succulent, grass-fed beef burger topped with shaved prosciutto, creamy Camembert, tart Chapin Orchard apples and homemade maple mustard and worth every nickel of the $8 price.  Bonnie had the “Ethan Allen” (with Cabot sharp cheddar, grilled apples and homemade cranberry-garlic mayo) and Ellen had the Garlic Burger.  Out of this world.  They are closing for the season on October 18th so make a trip before then.  It’s worth it.  It’s just across from Cupboard Deli & Bakery where Route 15 meets 108, is a small structure that shares a sometimes-muddy driveway with Ace Glass & Windows and Cambridge Cutters.  (Read the review in Vermont’s Seven Days from which I liberally stole the descriptions.)

Then up through Bakersfield and west through Fairfield (home of Chester Alan Arthur, 21st President of these United States) ending up in Sheldon Junction for a creemee at Devyn’s. A $1.50 “baby” size is enough for 2 people!!  And they are creamy!  Chocolate for me.  Black Raspberry for Ellen and incredible Strawberry Shortcake for Bonnie.  Yum!  And well worth the trip.

Beautiful day.  Wonderful drive.  Fantastic company (Bonnie & Ellen).  Then cut the grass.

Damn I love Vermont!

Tomorrow back to work.

Hey Chris S. … got your boots all ready for your trip to Chile!


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