Welcome to “Chairlift Chats” you never know who you might catch on a lift ride or what you might talk about.

Good morning and hope your week is off to a great start!   Although we endured some chilly temps last weekend on Saturday and Sunday morning,  it’s always worth the effort to ski with friends and make some turns!

On Sunday afternoon, we took two T-Bar rides with Roger Brown and two runs with his five-year-old son, Charlie, ripping down Cochran’s Ski Area.  Roger, a former U.S. Ski Team World Cup racer, is a father of three young kids that ski almost every day in the winter.  Roger also grew up taking countless runs at Cochran’s ski area during his childhood.  His mother Marilyn Cochran won the 1969 World Cup Giant Slalom Globe.

He explains the importance of independence, positive feedback, and having fun – spoiler alert: hot chocolate and fruit snacks are definitely part of it – to be excited to ski another day.

Roger also touches on how each child is different and how you have to learn how they will react to things and give them a chance to step up to the situation.

His goal is to help foster a passionate, loving relationship with the sport to be lifelong skiers.

If you’re bringing up a young skier or want to, you have to check out this episode of Chairlift Chats.