I’m going way off topic (skiing) but I just had an experience  I can’t ignore.

We just had a delivery of material we use for making Dodge Ski Boot molds.  Ours is not an easy delivery because we don’t have a loading dock and the drive is not a typical industrial drive (it’s a gravel driveway, narrow, etc).  But most of the truck drivers are pretty good about it and are pretty willing to help unload.

Today’s driver was a guy named Danijal. As he was using the pallet jack on the truck to move around other loads to get to our skid, we had the chance to talk.  He escaped from Bosnia when he was a young boy, lived in Germany for 10 years, then emigrated to Burlington, where he graduated from UVM with a computer science degree.  No computer jobs when he graduated, but no problem … he was able to get a job driving a truck and delivering freight.  He’s 27 years old, has a young child, just bought a house in Burlington, has his own computer repair/building business and could not be happier for all the opportunities he has in this country.  He told me this is the greatest country in the world for the opportunities it has given him and is giving him.  It’s there for the taking if you are willing to work.

Thank you Danijal for the reminder of what is right about the United States.  It’s a good place to live.


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