We’ve been busy at the DODGE Ski Boots shop since we returned from New Zealand.

Making lots of boots to get the pre-season orders filled, and then having lots of customers coming by to purchase boots directly from us and get fitted by the guys who make the boots.

Exhausting?  Yes, but very satisfying.

DODGE Ski Boots team captain Warner Nickerson was here yesterday to pick up a pair of boots before he heads to Europe for a little final training before the opening World Cup Giant Slalom at Soelden next month.  As always, it’s great to see him and have him regale us with his tales.

I was pleased I was able to do all his punches “spot on” and we didn’t even have to fine-tune them.  Guess after doing enough boots for one guy you get the hang of it, huh?

Special shout-out to “Spud” Murphy of Coronet Peak who miraculously found Warner’s wallet!  Way to go Spud.

We have some updated photos and testimonials on the DODGESKIBOOTS.COM website.  Be sure to check out Sugar Bowl racer Devin Davis’ article about his conversion to Dodge carbon fiber ski boots.  Devin had some pretty impressive results in NZ.

Heads up to all racers out there.  The boys from the Lake Tahoe basin are geared up with their DODGE Ski Boots to kick some serious butt this winter.  Look out for Sugar Bowl’s Ty Sprock and Devin Davis.

And, look out for Squaw Valley’s Kenny Wilson and Addison Dvoracek.

Coaches should also be paying attention.  DODGE Ski Boots are now on the feet of two U.S. Ski Team coaches, one NCAA college coach, at least one Western region coach and one Eastern coach.

Friday is Warner Nickerson’s Annual Golf Tournament at Owl’s Nest Golf Club in Campton, NH.  Last year’s event was terrific and Warner tells us this year’s is lining up to be even better.  Contact Warner for more information.

Cochran’s coach Elliot Wilkinson-Ray visited with us last Friday.  He and Steamboat coach Erik Gilbert skied on the DODGE boot in La Parva Chile this summer.  Elliot said they both are really liking it and excited about having their racers ski on the boot this winter.

Charles Christianson called from a short little vacation last week.  Can’t disclose his location but it was “tres bon”.  Charles is looking forward to making a strong run on the NorAm circuit this winter on his DODGE boots.

Gotta get back in the shop to make more boots.

Enjoy the Fall weather.


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