Right up front, I’ll tell ya I’m getting kinda ugly. Not skiing `cause of Stowe’s season pass “holiday blackout” is bad enough. ( I know, I coulda paid the extra couple hundred bucks for an unlimited pass, but nearly $1400 for the limited pass is too much already.) And I’ve been busy enough with working at the shop that I haven’t played hockey in a couple of weeks. So, I’m exercise deprived ugly.

Then, it’s exacerbated by the holidays and weather delaying the delivery of boot materials.

We’re waiting on quite a few materials we ordered for making DODGE carbon fiber ski boots.  Without the materials, there is only so much we can do.  We have made lots of boot parts, but we can’t make a finished pair without some key materials.

The worst part is waiting on the material we use for making cuffs. It got delayed by storms in Europe, arrived at JFK on Christmas Day, then got further delayed by the storms in NYC.  Now we’re hoping beyond hope it gets released by Customs and sent on a truck to Vermont as quickly as possible.  But wait! If it doesn’t get released until tomorrow, we likely won’t even get it Friday `cause, guess what? Friday is New Year’s Eve!   So, it probably won’t be until Monday …  nearly 2 weeks late.


One thing old(er) age has taught me is not to overly stress about the things I cannot change.  I do the best I can and try to have Plans B, C & D lined up, but if circumstances beyond my control dictate something is a certain way, I have learned to let it go.  I sleep better at night that way now.

Thanks for letting me rant.

On a brighter note, DODGE Ski Boots racers are gearing up for the second half of the season.

Warner Nickerson was off to Europe yesterday.  After lots of nagging from many of us, he’s updated his blog with a nice long post.  Check it out at http://warnernickerson.blogspot.com/2010/12/val-disere-alta-badia-and-home.html Next World Cup for him is Adelboden on January 8th.

Had a nice call from Ace Tarberry, saying he was invited by the Team to join them in Europe after the upcoming Nor-Ams in Quebec.  He’s pretty psyched as are Dave & I for him.

Charles Christianson is a road (and sky) warrior.  He was home in Anchorage and scheduled to fly to Boston on Monday.  After stops (and detours) through Portland OR, Washington DC and Manchester NH, Charles made it to Hanover NH  last night, where he picked up his car.  He called me about 7 PM to see about doing some boot work.  “Sure,” I said. 8:30 PM and Charles is in the driveway.

We did some tweaks on his DODGE carbon fiber ski boots, Bonnie fed him a sandwich, and he was on his way to Burke by 9:45 PM, where he’ll train this morning, then drive to Sugarloaf for a day and back to Burke.

See what I mean about being a warrior?

Oh, and then after the Nor-Ams next week, Charles is flying to Europe `til the end of January for some FIS and Europa Cup races.  Whew!

With that, maybe I’m not so tired after all!

Guess I’ll go and make more boot parts with the materials we have.


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