The blackout period for my pass at Stowe is over as of today and I was looking forward to getting back on skis after having not skied for a few weeks.  I need it big time.  And, with the Ski Bum races starting on Tuesday, it sure would be nice to take a few runs before trying to jump into gates.

But I awoke to rain splashing against the window, the driveway being a sea of mud and the ground being green instead of white.  I can handle the warm but I don’t feel like making myself any more miserable by skiing in rain.  Maybe it’ll stop later.

I can’t go up to the mountain this morning anyway.

Ace Tarberry is coming by the shop to have a boot check-up before he goes to the Nor-Ams in Quebec and then right to Europe at the end of the week.  And, he tells me Peter Dodge is meeting him here.  Maybe it’s better for my psyche the weather isn’t so great.

So, I’ll work on Ace’s boots and a new pair for Masters racer Chuck Thorndike to be sent out tomorrow morning.

And, if it’s not raining this afternoon, maybe I’ll go try a few turns.

Welcome to Vermont.  There’s a reason it’s called the “Green Mountain State”.


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