I love Vermont.  Snowing, blowing, cold.  Froze this morning plowing driveway.  Bwahahaha!

Good day to drive over to Cochran’s and let some of the racers there test boots.  Had a nice visit from Warner Nickerson last night.

Warner was the very first racer to try our original prototype  boot last March at Cochran’s during the TGFSnowmaking race.  And now he’s picked up a pair to test for use on the Europa and hope fully WC.

Easy fit for him.  Just a slight cuff alignment and he seems good to go.  Tested the sole height and he’s actually a few millimeters lower in his new Dodge Ski Boots than his Head boots.  This he likes.

Look for him today.  (And yes, he’s buying them.)

Who’s next?

Keep warm.


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