Our new sole plates for DODGE carbon fiber ski boots arrived and I’m psyched!  What’s the big deal?  Well, the DODGE Ski Boot requires a sole plate to ensure proper binding compatibility and up `til now we’ve relied on someone else’s plates. They worked fine but not the way we want for our high performance boot.

Our new plates (which by the way will work on other boot brands) feature a dual-density material that is hard and slippery at the binding AFD contact points, but softer for good walking traction everywhere else. Lift height is 5 mm.

The samples look good, as I said, but we think we’ll use 2 colors to better distinguish the different materials.

Anyone who wants to purchase these should contact us through the website http://DodgeSkiBoots.com.

That’s the “sole” truth and nothing but the truth.


(I think the heat is getting to me.)

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