I’m pushing to make a bunch of boot parts for 245s and 255s before the New Zealand camps that start in August.  I need to have them done today so Dave can work on them next week and we can have boots ready to be on a plane August 2nd.

Making boot parts requires carbon fiber composite laminate material and HEAT! Ugh.  Worse still, the material is placed in an oven to dry it and that creates even more heat.  When I left the shop last night, it was over 90°.  I don’t think it cooled down at all last night.

I’ve always said that every DODGE carbon fiber ski boot has my fingerprints on it.  The ones being made this week will also have my sweat and, hopefully not my tears.

Dane Spencer has been skiing on the new “WC” flex boot at Mt. Hood and sent me a text after the first day saying it’s a big improvement for him over the earlier flex.  It is allowing him to run even straighter and spend less time in the turn.  He says he’s sorry the DODGE Ski Boot wasn’t available earlier … he might not have retired!  Dane’s a great guy and we’re proud he’s chosen to ski on DODGE boots.

Enjoy summer.


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