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This wasn’t our last chat with Gérard Rubaud before he passed away at his home in Westford, Vt., on October 7, 2018, at the age of  77.   But, it was the only time we brought a camera in October 2016.  Hope you enjoy.  He was and still is an inspiration to everything we do at Dodge Ski Boots.

Gérard Rubaud was an integral part of  Rossignol Ski Company, beginning in 1964 when he set up and ran the race department and culminating in his presidency of Rossignol North America in 1979.  Leaving Rossignol in 1982, his passion for cooking led him to create Gérard’s Haute Cuisine, an early leader in sous vide cooking and then, in 1994, a return to his early roots as a baker.   Gérard’s Bread was highly sought after in the Burlington, VT area, with loaves selling out as soon as they arrived in stores.

Rubaud hired Dodge Ski Boots co-founder Bill Doble at Rossignol/Nordica in his first jobs after graduating from college so it’s a huge honor to make this short video and celebrate Gérard’s life.  Even after leaving the ski business, Gérard kept up-to-date with the business and was a terrific ongoing counsel to Bill and Dave Dodge in developing Dodge Ski Boots.

While he may be gone, Dodge Ski Boots will always live by  Gérard’s early advice:  “Don’t be fashion. Just make the best ski boots possible!”

Merci Gérard!