Yesterday’s Ski Bum race was mean.  At least to Dave.

He had a nice run going but pinched a gate over the knoll and when he skied through the panel, the pole whacked his face, rib cage and shin.  Ouch!  Though bloodied and bruised, he says he’s okay today.  Ya gotta watch out for those poles.

Nice to see a few new faces yesterday and some long-time acquaintances I haven’t seen for a really long time.

Change to my boots with the forward lean was much better.  And so easy to do, using the bushings instead of toe lifts or re-riveting as on many other boots.

Also, pleased with the prototype snow shield Dave & I worked up.  Both our boots stayed dry and felt good.  We’ll be crafting some more for boots that are out there.

Snowing like crazy today.  Already about 10″ at the shop and still coming down. Tough plowing as the ground was thawed and the plow kept digging in.  What a mess!  Wonder what we’ll wind up with when it’s done?

Be safe driving.


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